Bev is an experienced workshop presenter having giving workshops for the University of Wisconsin system in many settings for almost 20 years. Below you can find descriptions of some of the workshops available that can be especially tailored to your group.

Because her workshops are both informational and experiential, she prefers to work with small groups of between 10 and 25 people in either full or half day time periods.

Contact her for prices and specific information.

Exploring the Energy Dimension

The human energy field is an aspect of each of us that affects everything we do. Long held to be an actual physical fact in eastern culture, most people in the western world are just beginning to notice this subtle dimension of reality. In this workshop we will explore the incredible realm of energy and how we can use this knowledge to make our lives easier as well as more manageable, interesting, and joyful.

After first examining a growing body of scientific studies that shed light on this elusive subject, this workshop will teach the practical application of this knowledge through various modalities and exercises. Using many different techniques we will learn to see, feel, and manage our own personal energy. We will learn the art of centering and grounding that increases our sensitivity to energy and allows us to enter the energy dimension itself. We will learn how to stay neutral in the presence of negative energy and how to transform hostile energy into something more harmonious. As we learn how to manage our own energy in relation to that around us, we can begin understanding how to make the shifts necessary to bring more love, joy, and creativity into our lives.

The Language of the Soul

While the concept of "soul" is one with which we are all familiar, its traditional meaning has undergone some interesting changes in the last few years. These changes identify the soul as a dynamic entity that is real, ever present, and constantly trying to communicate with us. The language of the soul has always existed right in front of our eyes and under our noses, yet we never notice because we have never been taught to notice. Schools teach material facts and linear thinking. Soul communication is energetic and metaphoric.

This workshop will focus on the process of soul communication, that is, the energetic aspects of soul language. We will explore the history of the concept of soul and the many reasons why soul communication is often unnoticed and/or ignored. We will investigate and experience reality from the energetic viewpoint of the soul as well as learn how to begin to foster the development of our intuitive ability through our energy senses. Using various techniques such as guided imagery, movement, and storytelling, we will learn the specific skills needed to learn soul language.

Discovering the ability to communicate with our souls gives us access to a best friend, a constant source of unconditional love and universal energy as well as infinite wisdom and individual guidance. When we learn how to work with our souls instead of at cross-purposes, our lives can flow with much greater harmony, joy and purpose.

Co-Creation with the Soul

Although our souls seek to communicate constantly, our cultural emphasis on material facts and logical thinking often preclude the development of the right-brain, intuitive abilities we need to access and co-create with the soul. This workshop will help us learn how to open to the soul’s wisdom as well as how to recognize, interpret and respond to the many ways the soul seeks to communicate every day.

Through guided imagery, dream work, movement, synchronistic analysis, and symbolic interpretation, we will learn how to develop an active co-creative relationship with the soul. We will experience direct connection by activating the right side of the brain, while also learning to understand the singular and largely unfamiliar rules of co-creation. When we learn how to work with our souls rather than at cross-purposes, our lives can flow with much greater harmony, joy and compassion.

Opening to Spiritual Connection

This workshop is designed for those who would like to begin to explore their own individual spiritual path in a non-judgmental, open and accepting environment. Using various modalities and techniques such as guided imagery and movement, participants will learn how to open themselves to the self-knowledge needed to access the spiritual realm.

Allowing ourselves to be more fully open to a spiritual connection makes new energy available to the psyche and encourages personal growth and greater wholeness. By learning to harmonize various conflicting aspects of our inner selves, we also learn how to live more peacefully with other people and the environment. By emphasizing the idea that spiritual growth is uniquely different for every individual and that everyone has the innate inner wisdom to choose their own path and meet their own challenges, this group will provide a respectful accepting space in which to explore new possibilities.

Creating Synergy: The Art of Orchestrating Group Energy

Synergy is the coherent interaction of two or energy fields that produces a combined effect greater than the sum of the parts. Although synergy in group endeavors is rare, it becomes much more achievable when we understand the energy dynamics which allows synergy to occur. Learning to master one's personal energy as well as understanding the energy interactions of others can have profound effects on how humans choose to come together and interact in groups.

In this workshop we will first examine the history of group dynamics, and how and why the traditional model of group organization is beginning to change. We will explore the effects of both participant and leadership energy on the outcome of group actions, reactions and endeavors. We will learn how personal energetic connections can contribute to expanded group energy, as well experience how that expanded energy can synergistically achieve extraordinary results.

While the material presented in this workshop will be useful for everyone, it maybe of special interest to teachers, facilitators, business and organizational managers and leaders, and anyone dealing with groups, either as a member or a leader.