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“Exploring the Energy Dimension” CD - $10

This CD contains the two meditations used in the "Exploring the Energy Dimension" Workshop. The first track is called “Running Energy"” and provides the basic process for accessing spiritual energy and managing the personal energy field. Track two is called “Entering the Energy Dimension.” It offers a general process for entering the spiritual dimension and accessing flow in everyday living.

“At play in the Fields of the Lord: Understanding the Transformational Paradigm” Book -
$ 15

Available on CD or electronic PDF only

The ‘Transformational Paradigm’ is a new world view based on an awareness of energy as the ground of all being. This book chronicles the beginnings of the new perception of reality and explains its five major characteristics, energy, wholeness and connection, Soul, empowerment, and transformation. Written from a psycho-dynamic perspective, it provides both theoretical grounding and practical exercises to help the reader appreciate and experience this exciting new way to look at the world.

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