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Energy Reality Intensive

Most relationship, burnout and overwhelm problems are rooted in energy dynamics.While many people today have begun to notice the human energy field, (whether it’s knowing who is on the phone before you answer, or sensing the mood of your spouse or child the minute they walk in the door), most people have no idea how much energy interactions affect every area of lives.

What is even less understood, is the nature of energy reality and how it radically differs from that of the physical reality we know so well. Many of our attempts at personal change, self healing, relationship issues and even financial abundance are not effective because we try to use physical rules to solve problems rooted in the energetic realm. Until we understand the nature, behavior and laws of the energy dimension, we will be unable to take full advantage of this amazing source of empowerment and creativity.

In this four-month program you will explore the magical world of the energy realm, learn how to adapt your behavior and perception to work in this dimension, and discover how to use this information in practical ways to enhance your life. Understanding energy reality opens doors of awe and wonder, provides a new understanding of the incredible potentials available to you as a human being, and changes your perception of reality forever.

This intensive consists of two consultations a month, in in person or Skype with a follow-up phone conversation every other week. You will also receive a free CD, written material and exercises to do at home. A general outline of the program is given below, but all intensives are individualized programs, so you can spend shorter or longer periods on topics of more or less interest and get extra help handling real-life situations as they come up for you.

 Contact me for an application and free 30 minute phone consultation to see if this intensive is right for you.

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Soul Work Intensive

If so, this six-month intensive will give you the tools needed to change your life. Soul work can influence your health, your relationships, your decision-making ability, your outlook on life, and open future potentials you have not yet even yet dreamed of. Learning to access your soul’s help and wisdom is one of the most valuable skills you can ever develop.

This intensive is for those who are serious about, and committed to, communicating with, and integrating their soul into everyday life. The weekly guidance and step by step personal format is designed to help you learn the skills necessary to invite, welcome and collaborate with your soul as a partner and co-creator for the rest of your life.

For an application and a free 30 minute phone call to see if this program is right for you, please email Bev at

Soul Work Intensive Schedule

1 monthly face-to face-session (in person or on Skype)
1 monthly follow up phone call

Weekly email support
Written materials, CD, exercises and homework