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A New Way to Look at Old Problems

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Anxiety can often be related to the fact that we are not aware of our personal energy fields and how to manage them. People who are highly sensitive to energy are especially vulnerable to sensing and “taking on” negative energy from those around them, even when this energy has nothing to do with the person in question. This constant barrage of energy from all different sources (including media, interpersonal relationships, and global events) produces anxiety, frustration and hopelessness since we have no idea how to reduce or eliminate it from our lives.

The good news is that we don’t have to eliminate it. We can learn to manage our own energy fields so that our personal energy is not negatively affected or manipulated by others, or by the things happening around us. In fact, being highly sensitive to energy is a gift that needs to be nurtured and trained, and thus eventually can be a wonderful asset for enhancing our lives.

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Those in the helping professions or anyone who finds themselves in a position of caring for, or administering to others for extended periods of time, will normally experience burnout.

This is because those whom we care for take our energy from us. Most of the time they take it from us unconsciously, never intending harm, but only because they are very needy. Many will appear to need physical things like nursing, emergency care, counseling, financial aid or just an ear to listen. But what they really need is energy.

As the early studies in orphanages have shown, babies who are given all the physical amenities will still die without human attention. And human attention is energy. When we grow to adulthood, we do not outgrow our need for energy/attention from others. But because the physical material in our world is finite, we also think that energy is finite. So if other people take our energy, we think we either have to do without, or take it from someone else.

Those who care for others are comfortable giving of themselves, but are often not comfortable taking. Therefore burnout is rampant. But fortunately, unlike matter, energy is not finite. It is constantly available to us whenever we want it. Learning to manage your energy field also includes learning to access energy whenever you need it.

In addition, energy can be exchanged between people in a healthy balance, and also created by numerous activities humans enjoy together such as laughter, play, artistic and musical expression and physical movement. By understanding the many ways you can replenish your energy field, burnout can become a thing of the past.

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Crises and Difficult Transitions

Personal crises such as death of a loved one, job loss, divorce or chronic and/or potentially terminal illness are important transition points in our lives. It is at these times that working with the Soul can provide the strength and commitment to move forward, as well as the wisdom and direction needed to know where to go.

Once we become aware of our energy body as well as our physical body, we are then in a position to learn how to communicate with the Soul. Since Soul language is very different from verbal language we do not automatically know how to do this, but we are all capable of learning this valuable skill.

One of the most frightening things about these kinds of transitions, is that the outcome is often unknown. Learning to work with the Soul can help minimize the need to control outcomes, and optimize our sense of trust in the process and excitement about our ability to discover new possibilities and potentials.

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Depression is part of a healthy cycle of expansion and contraction in which all humans participate. At times of expansion, our energy is in a balanced relationship with the world around us and we move out into the world, sharing our enthusiasm and talents.

At other times, (usually after a protracted period of expansion when our outward orientation has led to neglect of inward focus), our energetic relationship with the world around us becomes unbalanced and therefore small things begin to go awry. At these times our body and Soul join together to give us information about the need to take quiet time for ourselves and reflect on how to regain balance. The body does this by providing subdued energy and mood. The Soul helps out by providing a desire for reduced social contact and physical activity.

If caught in the early stages and recognized as a healthy period of inner attention and balance, what we call “depression” can lead to thoughtful reflection and research into what needs to be changed in order to move to a new level of growth and expansion.

If instead, we view these times of depressed mood and lessened activity as pathological and respond with fear and anger at ourselves and our bodies, the situation soon worsens and eventually may become chronic and severe, since the real sources of the problem have not yet been addressed.

Transformational Expansion offers easy to learn techniques for sniffing out those pesky sources of disharmony and discomfort. Learning to detect subtle energy signals from your body can give you the clues necessary to locate the origins of imbalance as well as also provide solutions and new directions that can speed up the rebalancing process.

Just as the Earth needs winter to rest, refresh and prepare itself for the frenetic activity of spring, so too, do humans need quiet internal time to gather energy and wisdom for new growth and expansion. It is amazing how our attitude toward depression changes when we begin to view it as “information” rather than “illness.𔄙

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Unbalanced Relationships

Because most people are entirely unaware of their energy fields, they tend to leave their personal energy “laying around” where it is easily entangled in the unconscious energy fields of others. This exposure results in many different kinds of energy stealing, coercion, manipulation, and unbalanced exchange where people give to, and take energy from others unconsciously without realizing the consequences.

Understanding the characteristics of energy and how the laws of the energy dimension work in human relationships provides the information we need to make more conscious choices about how to manage our own energy fields as well as how to avoid unpleasant entanglements.

Since like energy attracts like energy (rather than opposites attracting as in the physical world), all relationships, even difficult ones, offer opportunities for learning and growth. Once we understand the information that the relationship is offering us, it will often magically transform or leave the stage.

Learning to manage one’s own energy field builds self-confidence and empowers us in ways that do not depend on having power over others. Rather, the internal empowerment resulting from this kind of energy mastery gives us the ability to empower both ourselves and others, without depleting either’s energy field.

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Making Tough Choices/Feeling Stuck

When faced with tough choices we often become so conflicted we freeze and are unable to make any choice at all. We examine the pros and cons of each choice logically and either can’t find one choice more logical than the others, or we are so afraid of making the wrong choice that logic doesn’t matter.

Learning to notice the body’s subtle energetic cues as well as becoming familiar with the many ways the Soul can offer help and information can help unstick the stuckness, and make choosing a joyful, exciting experience. Learning how to work and communicate with the Soul can also lessen the fear of making a mistake (there are really no mistakes) and teach us how to learn from each misstep and right our course almost instantaneously.

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Meeting Challenges

Energy is a tool just like matter is a tool. We use force to form matter into what we want. We use intention to create with energy. Just as we use our hands and the force of our muscles to pull sand together to make a sand castle, we use intention and mental focus to create what we need energetically.

Meeting challenges effectively means learning to create with energy. Creative problem solving begins with the identification of the problem. Once the intention has been made to solve the problem, an energetic principle called synchronicity is set into motion that will provide the concrete external information needed to understand and meet the challenge. The next step is to look for these clues as to the origin or cause of the problem. This information can be found in such things as situations, symptoms, feelings, intuitions, dreams and unusual occurrences. Once these clues have been assembled and analyzed, an explanation along with potential solutions emerge. Then intention is again instrumental in formulating a plan for transforming the problem and moving beyond it.

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Optimizing Medical Outcomes

TE offers help in integrating different parts of our personality that may be at odds and therefore could be giving our bodies conflicting information. This conflicting energy impacts our health and can interfere with medical and surgical treatments.

When we become consciously aware of our energy fields we are then able to participate in the quantum connection that exists between our consciousness and our physical bodies. Through techniques such as guided imagery and sub-personality integration we can communicate with our bodies in order to understand the information contained in our symptoms, facilitate cooperation with medical procedures and clear the path to healing.

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Finding a Spiritual Path

In Transformational Expansion, “spiritual” is defined as connection to something greater than the individual. This connection to something greater than ourselves also gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Since the energy dimension is based on connection rather than separation, working with energy is innately “spiritual,” and provides the foundation for finding meaning and purpose in one’s life.

The beauty of this approach, however, is that it allows for a great range of individual choices. For some, a connection to a God and/or a specific religion creates the connection needed for meaning and purpose. For others, the connection to nature, or music, or to a cause like the environment or civil rights may provide what is needed. Often, just working with energy itself opens connections and resources that can help us discover new meaning and purpose in everything we do. Transformational Expansion can help clients find the appropriate spiritual path for their individual needs and support whatever that decision might be.

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When Things Fall Apart

Although it is possible for different kinds of energy to exist in the same space, when radically different kinds of energy try to exist in the same space it creates friction that will often cause major changes in the physical aspects of life. When a person is ready to embrace a new energy dynamic in his/her life it is often necessary for old energy, that is, old patterns, habits, relationships, jobs, etc., to exit before new energy can enter. Therefore these physical changes facilitate the internal, energetic transformation that is taking place.

Because the physical world is usually all we know, the departure of those things that defined our social/physical reality can be very scary and often cause a kind of psycho-spiritual shock. This state of “shock” can open the door to an awakening ability for intuitive development and Soul communication. At these times it is important to have support from someone who can see the larger picture and help the individual concerned discover the inner wisdom and strength needed to navigate these changes and develop inner empowerment and direction.

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