About Bev


My mission is to bring the magic of the energy dimension into conscious awareness, and to teach the skills necessary for mastering this exciting new plane of existence. For me, understanding the nature of energy reality opened doors to awe and wonder, and provided a deep appreciation of the incredible potentials available to us as human beings. I want to open those doors for you as well.

Energy awareness changes your perception of the world and helps you better understand the role of mind-body-soul healing and creative manifestation.  It opens doors to compassion, connection, abundance and transformative change that is actually much easier than any kind of change you have ever tried before.  With energy work you can learn the skills needed to communicate with your body for health and healing as well as connect to your soul for wisdom and problem solving.  Energy mastery makes the impossible possible.

After completing my doctorate and beginning my academic career, I was diagnosed with cancer and told to get my affairs in order. My subsequent recovery without the aid of medical help caused me to change my life's mission in order to understand how and why such a thing could have happened.  This quest led to the discovery of the energy dimension and started my exploration of a world filled with magic, mystery and miracles.

I am an educator, researcher, facilitator, synthesizer and an experienced guide and mentor whose passion is to introduce you to a world filled with new possibilities and potentials.  My  background combines academic expertise with life-long spiritual experience and the ability to synthesize complex ideas into easily understandable information.  I am also skilled at developing simple techniques and proven processes that help you gain understanding and mastery of this new aspect of reality.

I believe virtually every aspect of life is a potential training ground for psycho-spiritual empowerment. In my teaching and practice I try to help you see your life as a series of opportunities for growth and expansion, and to offer many and varied means of accessing your own infinite strenth and wisdom through energy mastery.

I have a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary Studies with post-graduate work in Ethno-psychiatry and Psychosynthesis.  I am also an ordained non-denominational minister specializing in counseling.  I have worked in research at Harvard University and have forty years of teaching experience in both Europe and the US, including Emory University, University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Wisconsin system (Madison, Stevens Point and La Cross campuses).   In private practice for twenty years, I help clients solve their own problems and expand their horizons by discovering new possibilities through energy awareness and mastery.