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What is Transformational Expansion?

Transformational Expansion is the process that takes place when an individual begins to incorporate an awareness of the energy dimension into everyday life. It is a way of looking at the world based on a multidimensional understanding of how energy works, and of learning to use the rules of the energy dimension to enhance all aspects of life.

Because it treats human experience as energy interaction rather than physical interaction, Transformational Expansion offers a new way of perceiving the world and our human place in it. Although theoretically based, it also provides practical and tangible tools for solving problems, overcoming obstacles and experiencing life with new joy and an expanded sense of personal empowerment. Some of these tools include (but are not limited to) energy management facilitation, increasing self-awareness, intuitive development and Soul communication training, guided imagery, dream analysis, role-playing, story telling and sub-personality integration.

Although not specifically a therapy or healing modality, Transformational Expansion can often have the same effect. Psycho-physical problems, crises and difficult transitions and even difficult interpersonal relationships are seen as positive opportunities for education, growth and self-transformation. Rather than returning the client to the status quo, the goal of Transformational Expansion is to create the potential for living in a multidimensional state where possibilities expand in all directions.

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Personal Empowerment through Energy Mastery

Over a century ago Albert Einstein gave science permission to explore a whole new dimension of reality; a universe composed of energy, rather than matter. In the 100+ years since, we have discovered that the rules of the quantum or energy dimension are entirely different than the rules we have traditionally used to understand, organize and control our physical world. In the energy dimension, everything is connected rather than separated, similarities attract rather than opposites, and force is counter-productive. Change can happen instantaneously and often without resort to cause and effect. Compared to our understanding of the physical dimension, quantum events seem hard to believe. They bring back the world of the magical, mystical and mysterious, yet they are real!

At first scientists thought that quantum rules applied only to the subatomic world. But today we are beginning to realize that quantum reality lies side by side with physical reality. Human beings are energy beings as well as physical beings. We all have energy fields that interact with the energy fields of other humans and follow quantum rather than physical rules.

Learning the rules of the energy dimension and reorganizing our perception of reality to accommodate a quantum or transformational world-view empowers us in ways that heretofore would have seemed astonishing and unbelievable. Exploring the magical realm of energy gives us a whole new way to understand ourselves, our relationships, and everything around us.

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